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Energy Management

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Action Renewables work with businesses, training staff on the implementation of energy management policies, systems and internal audits to ensure they reach full carbon reduction potential, maintaining costs and increasing green credential. As an expert provider of impartial energy advice and consultancy, we aim to provide services which will confidently guide your organisation throughout the process.

Energy Audits

What is it?
Conducting an energy audit is the first step in energy management to identify and understand total energy consumption and costs, to identify opportunities for savings. This is achieved by completing a site survey - analysing the energy consumption of facilities, processes and equipment dependant on the scope and boundary of the audit.  

How can we help?
Action Renewables provide bespoke energy audits which focus on:

  • Analysis of total energy consumption (per annum), energy costs, source of supplier.
  • Energy management/policy, operation and maintenance protocols for each site and including energy efficiency of systems.
  • Site inspections that can include the layout of the building, nature of use, building fabric, age, and condition, size of building, the thermal performance of the building.
  • Opportunities to maximise energy efficiency of existing plant or equipment.
  • Energy reduction opportunities and costs savings.
  • Technical and economic feasibility of installing a renewable energy generator.
Energy Management
ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

What is it?
An Energy Management System is made up of bespoke policies, processes and procedures to manage operational energy use, the main focus of ISO50001 is energy efficiency. There are a number of drivers for organisations implementing an Energy Management System, including:

  • Minimising cost and optimising business performance.
  • Legislative requirements (such as ESOS or ROI Energy Auditing scheme).
  • Supply chain requirements.
  • Reducing carbon emissions.

The Energy Management System is based on the plan, do, check, act model to promote the idea of continual improvement within the organisation.

How can we help?
We can provide support and advice on introducing and implementing an Energy Management System. Our support includes:

  • Help to design an Energy Management System.
  • Develop a bespoke energy management policy.
  • Mentor staff on the implementation of the energy management policy.
  • Mentor appointed staff members to maintain the system and complete internal audits.
  • Advise on how to achieve certification under the standard.


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