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Action Renewables has worked with Menter Môn in providing feasibility studies to assess the viability of renewable energy, using community and council resources in Anglesey, Wales.

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Menter Môn is a third sector company, established in 1995 to deliver EU rural development programmes. Its primary aim is to facilitate rural economic regeneration on Anglesey (Ynys Môn).

In 2016/17 Action Renewables was engaged by Menter Môn to carry out ten energy audits and feasibility studies on a range of community buildings. The aims of the studies were to assess the current energy requirements and assess the potential for installation of renewable energy systems, with a view to reducing the community buildings’ reliance on fossil fuels. The buildings ranged from several town halls, to a leisure centre, an arts centre and a school.


Through site visits and interviews with various staff, volunteers and community representatives, we established the current energy usage, occupancy patterns, energy policies and practices and assessment of current equipment. For each building we looked the current heating systems – age, performance, fuel types, in addition to hot water preparation, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical appliances and lighting. As with any of our energy audit reports, our team identified the low/no cost areas for immediate improvement in addition to areas of good practice.

Detailed feasibility studies were then completed for each property on the installation, management, benefits and costs of a range of community renewable energy projects, including; solar PV, solar thermal and biomass heating systems. 

For biomass feasibility studies, study tasks included:

  • Assessment of current heating systems and back up heating.
  • Sizing of heating systems.
  • Assessment of options for location of boiler equipment.
  • Assessment of options for fuel types, storage and delivery.
  • Advice on installation and maintenance costs.
  • Review of planning and building control requirements including listing building requirements.
  • Calculation of projected carbon savings.
  • Provision of projected generation and Government incentives (Renewable Heat Incentive).
Feasibility Studies

For solar PV feasibility, studies included:

  • Review of prospective site area and site orientation.
  • Assessment of potential electricity generation from solar.
  • Assessment of the most suitable form of PV array for the area.
  • Provision of advice in relation to costs, cost savings and payback.
  • Advice in relation to Health and Safety and maintenance of solar systems.
  • Advice in relation to carbon savings, suitability of Carbon Trust Loan scheme and other renewables incentives e.g. ROCs and FITs.
  • Advice on specific planning and building control procedures in particular listing building guidelines and application processes.
feasibility studies

The Report

Our team presented findings in report format, ranked both on financial investment and reward, but also on the levels of carbon reduction. In this project some of the buildings were listed therefore it was particularly important to provide information on any planning or regulatory issues, and how these could be negotiated. Our reports provided the client with economic and environmental business cases to enable informed decisions on whether renewable energy projects would be feasible.

Action Renewables has extensive experience in renewable energy feasibility, having completed over 200 feasibility studies for various technologies including wind turbines, solar PV, biomass, solar thermal, hydroelectric and CHP.

We also have extensive experience of working with community groups and have been a partner in 13 EU funded projects including three of which Action Renewables was the lead partner. These projects have seen Action Renewables work alongside a wide range of organisations including education establishments, community groups, local government and non-governmental organisations from multiple countries.

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Neil Johnstone Project Manager Menter Mon

Action Renewables have assisted us in a number of projects to look at energy efficiency and community renewable energy schemes on Anglesey. They deliver high quality  professional expertise, together with efficient project management and experienced personnel. They have delivered the commissioned work to the highest standard and it has been a pleasure to work with them.

Neil Johnstone, Project Manager Menter Môn

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