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John Thompson & Sons Ltd is a leading multispecies animal feed producer, active in Northern Ireland for around 120 years.

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JT have had various CHP plants since 1994, upgrading as the plant throughput and energy requirements grew. Our last CHP was capable of 2.7MWe output, with 1.5MW of waste heat recovery via feed water preheat and steam generation through a waste heat boiler, but the facility’s electrical load varied seasonally from around 3.5MWe to 4.5MWe.

It was decided to replace the whole CHP system, i.e. gas fired engine, feed water heat recovery, waste heat boiler, gas fired boiler and economisers, with a nominal 5MWe gas fired engine which would support the production equipment at full load. The engine was complemented with a set of waste heat recovery equipment which would maximise the potential boiler water pre-heat, and create as much free steam from exhaust gas as possible.

Late into the project it was decided to commission the CHP on biomethane. Natural gas commissioning was completed in January 2017 and Biomethane commissioning was completed in March 2017.

Concurrent with the decision to operate a dual fuel CHP, we decided to apply for Ofgem ROC Accreditation and approached Action Renewables for advice and subsequently engaged them to manage our application process to Ofgem. We did this as we had no experience of the regulatory structure and requirements to successfully apply, and subsequently comply, with ROC Trading, however Action Renewables demonstrated an extensive track record of managing similar projects.

Action Renewables were engaged to assist us in the process and to continue our partnership through Ofgem data submissions, FMS compliance, ROC claims and ROC trading. Key contacts at Action renewables were assigned and have continued to work closely with us through the Ofgem application process, expertly administrating subsequent reviews and queries.  The same has been the case for our, now routine, monthly Biomethane evidence submission.

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Thompsons Feeding Innovation

The application process proved to be demanding, with Ofgem generating many system and documentary queries. Action Renewables has however, proven to be a solid source of information, using their experience to resolve any queries as they arose.

Considering the challenges that were encountered, we would not be at this advanced stage of the process without Action Renewables’ support and guidance.

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Thompsons feeding innovation

Considering the challenges that were encountered, we would not be at this advanced stage of the process without Action Renewables’ support and guidance.

Thompsons Feeding Innovation

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