Hydrogen/Green gas

Action Renewables is very active in the hydrogen and green gas markets and are already involved in two new Interreg projects. We are a full partner in SEAFUEL, which aims to use hydrogen as renewable source for transport fuel on islands and an associate partner in GENCOMM, which will stimulate the uptake of renewable hydrogen-based technologies, by successfully developing 3 demonstration facilities, in the solar, wind and bioenergy sectors.

We are also developing a new project, HUGE, (Hydrogen Utilisation for the Generation of Energy), which will seek to identify and address the key issues associated with small communities establishing a hydrogen economy.


What is it?

We are active in the green gas sector in Northern Ireland, working with commercial companies in landfill gas to produce methane, to generate and use biomethane, from AD plants for renewable electricity generation and to produce hydrogen, through electrolysis, from wind turbines. We have also carried out a study into the optimal use of green gas, whether it is for electricity generation, heat production or use in transport.

How can we help?

We can provide:

  • Advice on hydrogen production from wind turbines, electrolysis, and methanation.
  • Access to EU projects and support for EU project development.
  • Assistance in obtaining regulatory accreditation for energy generation for AD plants.
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