Charitable objectives

To protect the environment by promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

To advance the development of educational resources to inform the general public about the impacts of climate change, focusing on how energy efficiency, renewable technologies, renewable heat and electric sources can make a difference in reducing carbon footprints.

Vision & mission

Action Renewables is a registered charity (NIC100806), a company limited by guarantee (NI047950).

Our vision is to create a Northern Ireland which recognises the serious impacts of climate change. We will take measures to prevent and mitigate against those impacts, through the promotion of renewable energy products and services and addressing energy efficiency, alongside new developments in renewable fuels for transportation.

Our aim is to achieve our charitable objectives through the delivery of renewable energy projects across Northern Ireland and specific global projects that will have a direct benefit to the communities in which they serve.

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Action Renewables Board:

  • Stephen Harper (Chairman), Business Manager, retired
  • Terry Waugh, Chief Executive Officer, Action Renewables
  • Irene Robinson, Finance Director, Action Renewables
  • Andrew Webb, Chief Economist, Grant Thornton
  • John Heaslip, Former Chief Executive of Business in the Community Northern Ireland
  • Gerry Hodgkinson, Business Manager, retired
  • Kate Noble, Consultancy Manager for Land and Nature, National Trust
  • David Flinn, Legal Consultant
  • Michael Scott  (Business Consultant)

As Chief Executive of Action Renewables, I am responsible for the company’s overall strategic direction. This includes managing the charity and charitable activities, and the business development side of the charity. A large part of my work involves ensuring good governance, sound management and responsible leadership. The Charities committee meets regularly to address funding opportunities both locally and globally.

Terry Waugh, CEO

Since 2020, we have achieved these objectives in the following ways:

Provided match funding to the Interreg funded and Northern Ireland Environment Link managed ‘CLIMATE’ project – Collaborative Learning Initiative Managing and Adapting to The Environment. The project aims to promote and improve climate change awareness in European peripheral rural communities. Read more about the project.

Collaborated with the Education Authority to repair some 36 photovoltaic (PV) systems installed in Education Authority schools, for which they had no budget to repair. We identified the schools in co-operation with the Department for Education, and are funding £15k in total. The estimated return to the schools is £85k, in the first twelve months after repairs are carried out (value of Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and electricity which would have otherwise not been claimed).

Mulanje Mission Hospital

Provided funding of £14,000 towards Mulange Mission Hospital in Malawi, for the provision of solar panels and battery storage.

Children of the Nations

Provided sponsorship of £14,000 to Children of the Nations (COTN) in Malawi in 2022. COTN is dedicated to providing holistic, Christ-centred care for orphaned and destitute children.  This sponsorship will allow for the upgrade to their electrical system on the main ministry campus to provide a safe, reliable and environment for staff and students.

We have been supporting applications for charity funding and continue to work with Creggan Country Park to review their energy efficiency, the current state of their renewable installations (biomass, hydro, wind) and with new grant applications.

Delivered a programme of consultancy support to the GAA community relating to energy audits as part of their Green Club Programme.

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