Solar PV Programme

Due to the success of our Solar PV programme last year, Action Renewables will continue to deliver more support in 2022/23, funding more projects in the voluntary sector across Northern Ireland.

This will help to reduce their environmental impact and meet our charitable objectives. In 2021/22 we funded 12 projects to reduce the carbon footprint of the recipients and make a financial impact through generation/cost savings.

belvoir players

Applications can be submitted via the online form below, and once identified, we will provide funding for small scale energy generation, initially through solar pv installations. The receivers will either own or have a long-term lease (5+ years) on their building. Action Renewables will retain full ownership of the solar system and we will cover all installation and maintenance costs. Action Renewables will invoice the customer pro-rata for electricity generated from the solar panels at a reduced cost compared to grid electricity.

We have developed selection criteria noted below. If you wish to apply you will need to have a baseload demand greater than 12kW.  Action Renewables will require visibility of 12 months electricity bills or half hourly data if your property has a half hourly meter installed.

The programme is open to applications from community groups, social enterprises, amateur sports clubs and non-profit organisations. 

PV Installation Criteria

All projects supported must be in Northern Ireland.

  • In 2022/23 there will be maximum of 12 projects.
  • Only open to the charity sector who either own or have a long-term lease on their building. Long term being defined as 5+ years.
  • If the applicant is a charity it must be a registered charity in Northern Ireland.
  • Applicant must satisfy a feasibility study with a baseload demand greater than 12kW.
  • Agree to install a 12kW PV on target property – 3 phase commercial connection.
  • Applicant must sign a rental agreement with Action Renewables.
  • If your building is rented or leased, then the landlord must agree to the project. An agreement must also be signed with the landlord in the event of a change of end user or if the landlord sells the property.
  • Agreement to proceed and install is at the discretion of the Management and Board of Action Renewables.

Installations will be selected on a first come/first served basis.

Belvoir Players Solmatix
belvoir players

In these difficult times any cost savings that can be made are vital to the operation of a small charitable organisation like the Belvoir Players Amateur Dramatic Society.    As you can imagine with the demands of an extensive theatrical sound and lighting system in our Studio Theatre, we use a lot of electricity to deliver our stage productions. It has been a pleasure to be able to work with Action Renewables on a solar panel installation which will produce renewable energy and make a significant potential saving in our electricity costs.  This saving will assist in our ability to provide entertainment for our community and will also secure the provision of the drama education we provide for our Youth Academy and our adult members.

Roger Dane, Theatre Manager with Belvoir Players

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